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human-e brings together Neuroscience, Cutting-edge Technology Research, and Ethical Practice to help society tackle the next steps in technological advancement and innovation. It is not an easy challenge to experiment with disruptive technologies, however it is necessary to explore – because no matter who you are or what sector you are in, this same rule applies – innovate or be disrupted!

We are here to help on this journey through our partnership, guidance and combined award-winning expertise from a unique collaboration of two industry leaders. Dr Jordan Nguyen is a leading biomedical engineer, advanced technology inventor, robotics and artificial intelligence creator, human-focused innovator, and positive global impact communicator. Dr Fiona Kerr is leading neural complexity specialist, human interaction expert, ethics-based neuroscientist, and positive leadership communicator. Together they have formed   human-e to ensure a better future for all. Technology will keep advancing and as the world changes again and again, we see it is as a wave of opportunity for the betterment of humanity, so we are looking forward to riding this wave with you. We're preparing to set up a new research body / social enterprise / institute / or university of the future. But this will require significant support, so please get in contact if you are interested in exploring this further with us.